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Learn to drive in 'hi-tech' luxury:

Hyundai iX35 2.0 Litre Diesel SUV 
- A big car is easier to drive than a small one
- Electric mirrors make manoevring easier
- Dual controls for your peace of mind
- Reversing sensors

- On-board cameras to record all or part of lesson
- 'Black box' GPS tracking and inertia measurement

- Parents / partners welcome to 'sit in' on lessons****
- UK driving for International licence / non-EU drivers
- Personal learning plans to suit your needs

DSA Grade 5 driving instructor
- 2 hours for the price of one introductory lesson
- Loyalty bonuses: extra 'free' lessons
- Discount for prepaid block bookings
- Discounted 'just drive' rates*
- Referral bonuses

"Neil doesn't teach you to pass your driving test;   He teaches you to drive" (Quote from a past pupil)

- Route Planning and GPS / SatNav training
- Overtaking on two-way '60 limit' roads
- Coaching and Refresher lessons
- Driving on rural roads
- Motorway Driving
- Night Driving
- 'Pass Plus'
 £25.00 per hour
but call me for a dicussion of your needs - and discounts

**** Occasionally, subject to learner consent !

*** Email  for further information

** DSA estimate that a learner who passes first time has      typically had 45 hours instruction plus 10 hours 'private practice'
(Many of our past pupils have passed in less time; some have taken more)

* Once you have taken 40  full-price hours with us, if you cannot obtain accompanied 'private practice',  we will provide 'extended sessions' to Pass Plus standard and syllabus (excluding motorways) at £15 per hour

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*All you need is a valid UK provisional or full driving licence - oh, and some money (less than you might think) !!